Packaging needs
Packaging needs

                   Bundler & Over wrappers

Servo driven bundler / over-wrapper with a small footprint for high production speed combined with a remarkable flexibility and a wide product range.

- Fully servo driven bundler / overwrapper
- High production speed
- Wide product range
- Small Footprint
- Lateral sealing belts
- Electronic film unwinding

Product: carton,flip-top carton,tray
Sealing : transversal side sealing
More layers over wrapping (bundler)
Optionals : film print centering, tear strip application,
90 degrees overturning device

Mechanical bundler / over-wrapper with high stacking speed and a wide range of product size and patterns.

- Products stacking and collating with mechanical
- High speed stacking
- PLC controls
- Same high performance with different         materials,from PVC
- Speed up to 70- cycles / min

Product: carton ,flip-top carton, tray
Sealing: transversal side sealing
More Layers over wrapping ( bundler)
Optionals: film print centering, tear strip application

Stretch /shrink bundler ,Thanks to a minimal layout,it is easy to integrate this machine in any installation.

- Fully mechanical movements
- Great flexibility in different products handling
- High performance
- Quick size change over
- Wide range of sizes
- Small footprint
- Up to 30 cycles / min

Product: cartons ,vials,.....
Sealing: transverasal back seal
Layer multipack bundling

High speed over wrapper with an excellent wrapping results of the final product, the widest format range of its category
- Complete overwrapping with envelope side fold seals
- Quick size change over
- Wide range of sizes
- Small foot print
- Minimum Maintenance requirements
- Speed up to 130 cycles / min

Product: cartons ,wrapped soap bars, square soap bars , flip-top-cartons,trays
One layer only multipack overwrapping
Optionals: film print centering, tear tape ,second reel holder, etc..........

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